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Who We Are

MDEST aims to establish a knowledge-based economy and information society within the state. Founded on the recognition of information communication technology (ICT) as a crucial driver, MDEST is dedicated to using ICT to fuel job creation, spur economic growth, and enhance governance transparency in Edo State. This initiative marks a significant step toward a more progressive and digitally empowered future for our citizens.

Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics

Biomedical, Food & Environment Science

Science & Technology Promotion

Digital Economy Development & Regulation

Renewable & Conventional Energy Technology


 To create a digitally skilled Edo workforce and innovators producing world-class products and services to improve quality of life, grow and transform the economy of the State


To promote Social-Economic Development in Edo State through the application of science and technology to create value and prosperity for all

Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor


At MDEST, our mandate is to drive social-economic development in Edo State through science and technology. Together, we’re striving for the extraordinary—building a digitally skilled workforce and fostering innovators for world-class products and services. This isn’t just about tech; it’s about improving lives and transforming our state’s economy.

As you explore our page, remember the profound impact our work can have. Through collaboration, dedication, and excellence, we’re confident in realizing ambitious goals. Join us in shaping a future where innovation and prosperity elevates our community.

Our Mandate

  1. Liaise with relevant Federal Government Parastatals, State Ministries, and Agencies for the advancement of digital economy in the State
  2. Maintain and implement a Science and Technology agenda for the State
  3. Coordinate Research and Development
  4. Collaborate with Ministry of Education and relevant agencies to produce a pool of Nigerians with digital skills validated by globally recognized certifications
  5. Coordinate relationships with National and Foreign Science and Technology Institutions
  6. Promote Science and Technology Clubs in Schools
  7. Coordinate the activities of Technology hubs in the State
  8. Supervise the teaching of Science and Technology in schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education
  9. Create a robust digital ecosystem that fosters innovation by supporting Innovative Driven Enterprises (IDEs) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  10. Promote STEM Initiative in the State and accelerate digital inclusion in collaboration with relevant MDA’s
  11. Coordinate the implementation of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) and adoption of National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap 2030 (NSTIR: 2030) Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science & Technology
  12. Increase the patronage of indigenous digital startups and promote technology usage in various sectors of the economy

Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology (MDEST)

The Ministry is one of the strategic Ministries established by the Edo State Government on 6th of July, 2017 with the name Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ministry was saddled with the responsibility of facilitating the development of science and technology to enhance the pace of socioeconomic development in Edo State. It was renamed to Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology in 2022 to ensure the smooth implementation of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) and the adoption of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap 2030 (NSTIR2030): Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science,


The Edo State Government wishes to commercialize its cutting-edge data centre to businesses for cloud hosting and tech innovation-oriented businesses.

Key Stakeholders

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