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Welcome to the Edo State Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology, we are dedicated to driving innovation, promoting digital inclusion, and leveraging technology for sustainable development across Edo State. . Below are the primary resources:

1. Publications and Reports

Annual Reports: Access our annual reports highlighting key achievements, initiatives, and progress in the digital economy, science, and technology sectors. Research Publications: Explore research publications and papers produced by our ministry and partners on various topics related to digital economy, science, and technology.

2. Policies and Strategies

Digital Economy Policies: Learn about the policies and strategies developed by the ministry to promote the digital economy and drive digital transformation in Edo State. Science and Technology Strategies: Explore our strategies for advancing science, technology, and innovation in the state.

3.Funding Opportunities

Grants and Funding: Discover funding opportunities available for startups, innovators, and researchers in the digital economy and STI sectors. Investment Opportunities: Learn about investment opportunities in Edo State’s digital economy and technology ecosystem.

4. Training and Capacity Building

Digital Skills Training: Find information on digital skills training programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing digital literacy and skills among the populace. Workshops and Seminars: Stay updated on upcoming workshops, seminars, and training sessions organized by the ministry.

5.Stay Informed

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